Weight of a Crown

I decided to make some roast with mashed potatoes and a side of broccoli for Shabbat dinner. As I’m cooking, my oldest son and I discussed a compelling testimony a friend of mine shared. We discussed the widows and orphans and how we must humble ourselves. My son says to me, “I have a heavyContinue reading “Weight of a Crown”

Hissing Cacti’s and Yeshua’s love

This is an older writing from 2018, but I feel this is very much for today. A few months back, I had a dream that I have been pondering. My children and I are walking in shallow, clear water in my dream, and there are people everywhere splashing and having a good time. All aroundContinue reading “Hissing Cacti’s and Yeshua’s love”

Face to Face

I in righteousness will behold Your face!  When I awake,      I will be satisfied with Your likeness. ~TLV~ 15 But my prayer, in righteousness, is to see your face;  on waking, may I be satisfied with a vision of you. ~CJB~ ~Psalm17:15~ What it Adonai’s likeness? Have you ever seen or felt it? I’veContinue reading “Face to Face”

Weapons for our Warware.

20So the Lord burned with anger against Israel. He said, “Because these people have violated my covenant, which I made with their ancestors, and have ignored my commands, 21I will no longer drive out the nations that Joshua left unconquered when he died. 22I did this to test Israel—to see whether or not they would follow the ways ofContinue reading “Weapons for our Warware.”

Just me, myself and the great I Am

Hey, I’m Crystal. Just another soul learning who I am and where I belong in this world. My love and desire to search out my God, my Elohim in this ever-changing world, is what propels me to think deeply and write about my findings. I am searching for something beautiful, something beyond our earthly perspectiveContinue reading “Just me, myself and the great I Am”